What Are My Wheel Options?

Try and track any of the Wheel Options for a chance to earn rewards during our annual campaigns.  Plus you’ll save your money, have peace-of-mind and you’ll help improve the quality of life in our community… and on our planet!

Vanpool – Why put miles on your personal car, when you can put them on a van provided by your local transit agency? Groups of five or more people (minimum of seven in some areas) split a monthly fare that pays for gas, insurance, maintenance – and even 24-hour roadside assistance or an emergency ride home program. There are more public vanpools in Washington State than anywhere in the country! Check with your employer to see if they pay for or subsidize your vanpool trips. For a list of vanpool providers where you live, click here.

Carpool – Carpooling is one of the most flexible and convenient ways to share the ride. Simply find at least one other person who shares a similar commute with you, determine a driving schedule, develop a few ground rules and you are on your way! Click here for a listing of ridematch services that can help you find a carpool partner.

Bus/Rail/Passenger Ferry/Water Taxi/Streetcar– Leave the driving to someone else and arrive at work relaxed for a change. Taking the bus, Commuter Rail or Light Rail  or even a water taxi or streetcar, allows you to catch up on the important aspects of your life that you just can’t do when you drive alone: sleep, read the newspaper, make your grocery list, play solitaire on your laptop or catch up on emails.

Bike/Walk/Roll/Run – Exercise your commute options and your body! Try riding a bike or walking to work, running, rolling or skateboarding instead of driving alone. It’s an inexpensive way to get to work and a great carbon-free trip. You can also walk or to bike to the nearest park-and-ride and add one of the above options to your trip; most buses and vanpools are, or can be, equipped with bike racks and some transit facilities have bicycle parking or lockers.

Compressed Schedule – A compressed schedule gives you the a benefits of extra days off when you are not driving into work by allowing you to finish your usual number of working hours in fewer days per pay period. Work four 10-hour days each week with one day off with a 4/40 schedule, or work 80 hours in nine days with an extra day off every other week. Talk to your HR department to see if this is an option.

Telecommute – Pajamas and bunny slippers – while frowned upon as business attire, they are perfectly acceptable to wear while working from home. Telecommuting (or teleworking) is an efficient way to accomplish work without driving into the office. If your company allows it, give it a try during Wheel Options.

For more information, contact your employee transportation coordinator or visit the other pages on this site.

Wheel Options—your trip, your way!