Wheel Options Campaign FAQs

General Campaign Facts

Q. Who sponsors Wheel Options campaigns?
The Wheel Options promotions are held by the Washington State Ridesharing Organization (WSRO), a non-profit organization for individuals dedicated to encouraging policy makers, employers, and commuters to support the use of alternative transportation modes to reduce air pollution, traffic congestion, and energy consumption throughout Washington State and the Northwest. More information on WSRO can be found at www.wsro.net.

  • Wheel Options Statewide Promotion
    The Wheel Options statewide promotion is hosted each October and is open to qualified commute participants in Washington state. This is a commute-based contest.
  • Wheel Options Around the Sound Promotions
    In 2014, WSRO in partnership with King County Metro and WSDOT received Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant funding from the Puget Sound Regional Council to conduct a regional rideshare promotions within the PSRC’s three-county boundary (Snohomish, King and Pierce). These Wheel Options Around the Sound promotions will be occurring in February, April and July of 2016 and 2017. Around the Sound promotions also count non-commute shared and saved trips.

Q. What is the purpose of the Wheel Options campaigns?
The purpose of the Wheel Options campaigns is to reward commuters who are currently using an alternative to drive-alone commuting, entice previous commuters back into their non-drive alone habits, and encourage new users of alternative commutes. It is our belief that commuters sometimes need encouragement to start using an alternative to drive-alone commuting, as well as reinforce that their use of a high-occupancy or non-motorized commute modes matters in the overall health of our transportation system in Washington State

Q. What are the prize eligibility requirements?
To be eligible for a Wheel Options Statewide October prize drawing, participants must:

  • be 18 years or older and work or live in Washington,
  • commute to a paid or volunteer job at a workplace other than a home or commute to school.
  • eliminate at least six drive-alone days to and from work during the one-month campaign, and
  • travel by walking, bicycling, driving or riding in a carpool or vanpool, riding a bus or train, walking or bicycling onto a ferry, teleworking (working from home through the arrangements of an employer) or compressing your work schedule (working more hours per day but fewer days per week so that a trip into work is eliminated).

To be eligible for the Wheel Options Around the Sound Promotions, participants must:

  • be 18 year older and work or live in King, Pierce or Snohomish counties,
  • travel by walking, bicycling, driving or riding in a carpool or vanpool, riding a bus or train, walking or bicycling onto a ferry, teleworking (working from home through employer arrangement) or compressing your work schedule (working more hours per day but fewer days per week, eliminating a work trip),
  • use one of the above travel options to reduce a drive alone trip for the purposes of commuting, work-related travel or personal travel within King, Pierce or Snohomish counties.

For the Sizzlin’ Summer Around The Sound Challenge

  • Eliminate at least 6 days of drive-alone trips to be eligible for seventy four (74) drawing prizes ranging in value from $33 to $500.
  • Eliminate at least 12 days of drive-alone trips to be eligible for the grand prizes: one (1) $1,500 Victoria Clipper vacation and three (3) $1,000 summer getaways (one winner for each county).
  • Trips must be logged in RideshareOnline.com or PierceTrips.org by 08/08/2016 to qualify for prize drawings.

For the Rock your Ride Challenge

  • Mode Categories include:
    • Transit (bus, ferry, commuter rail, light rail, streetcar)
    • Rideshare (carpool, vanpool)
    • Non-Motorized (bike, walk, telework, compressed work weeks)
  • Eliminate at least 15 one-way drive-alone trips within a mode category during the one-month campaign to be eligible for the prize drawing for four (4) $250 MasterCard gift cards.
  • Eliminate at least 30 one-way drive-alone trips within a mode category to be eligible for the grand prize drawing for one (1) $1,000 MasterCard gift card,
  • Participants will be eligible to participate in the drawings for all mode categories as long as they meet the minimum requirements for each category,
  • Trips must be logged in RideshareOnline.com (or other RideshareOnline.com/partner site) or PierceTrips.org by 05/07/2016 to qualify for the prize drawings.

For the Days for Donations Challenge

  • Eliminate at least 12 days of drive-alone trips to be eligible for the prize drawing for fifteen (15) $200 donations to the charity of the winner’s choice,
  • Selected charities must be 501©3 organizations within the three-county area.

Q. Do I need to use Facebook to be eligible for the prizes?
No.  You do not need to “like” Wheel Options on Facebook to qualify for campaign prize drawings.  However, there are additional prizes for participants that would like to participate in the Facebook element of the promotion – those folks need to ‘like’ the Wheel Options Facebook page and submit a prize drawing entry via the same Facebook site – prize entry link is under the ‘Promos’ tab during the Statewide campaign in October.

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Q. How do I enter to participate in the Wheel Options campaigns?

  • If you have an account with RideshareOnline.com (RSO) or participated in Wheel Options last year, click “log in” and use your RSO registration information to sign in.  Otherwise, click “sign-up” and complete your registration.
  • Once you are registered, click “Calendar” on the navigation bar.
  • Click on your mode of travel on the left of the calendar.
  • Confirm your trip details.
  • Click on the days you traveled by that particular commute mode.
  • Complete and track days of a Wheel Options commute mode during a campaign month and that’s it! You are automatically entered into the prize drawings.
  • Can’t remember your password? Use the forgot your password link and the system will prompt you to enter your email address and a question associated with your account to email it to you. Still can’t log in or need your password reset? email Rideshare@rideshareonline.com for help.

Q. Do I have to record my commuting behavior all at one time or can I use the entry form more than once?
You can track your commute daily, weekly or all at once the end of the campaign.  We recommend weekly.  Be sure to note that you can only calendar 28 days in the past.

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What about certain types of transportation modes?

Q. What if I am driving a hybrid vehicle?
If there is more than one person in the car for the commute, then the hybrid vehicle may count as a carpool.  Driving alone in a hybrid vehicle may reduce fuel usage and emissions, but does not reduce traffic congestion. Therefore, WSRO does not make hybrid use alone eligible for the prize drawing.

Q. Why are motorcycles not included as an alternative mode?
There are a number of reasons for this. First, one of the points of the campaign is to show options that allow for ridesharing.  A motorcycle can qualify as a carpool if more than one person is riding the same cycle.

A second goal of the campaign is to encourage commuting methods that increase roadway capacity.  Even given the relative size of a motorcycle to a car, there is still an issue of the number of vehicles using our state’s roadways. We believe that the best way to encourage people to use fewer vehicles overall is to encourage methods that promote personal or community connections, such as carpooling, biking, or riding the bus or train.

Third, the Wheel Options promotion has been created in large part to support Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Efficiency Act affected employers and worksites and so the Wheel Options eligibility guidelines and definitions mirror those of the CTR Act. The CTR views a motorcycle as a single-occupant vehicle unless it is transporting more than one person; then it is viewed as a carpool.

Q. What if I use a scooter to get to work?
Power-assisted bicycles qualify as a bicycle towards this prize drawing.  Motorized scooters of any type, whether meeting license requirements or not, count towards the campaign only when more than one person is sharing the commute, for the same reasons as listed above for motorcycles.

Q. Are there other types of foot-powered commuting that are eligible under the “walking” category?
Yes, as long as it is a method of transportation where the foot is in contact with the ground, it is eligible in the “walking” category.  This would therefore include skateboards, jogging, rollerblading, and non-motorized scooters.

Q. How do I record my commuting behavior when I have an alternative working schedule?
There is an option on the calendar for “Telework” for when you work from home and do not make a trip into your worksite on that day. There is also an option for “Compressed Work Day.”  Use this option on your flex day off to indicate the commute was not taken.

Q. I ride my bike to the park & ride to catch my bus to work.  Can I track multiple commute modes on the calendar?
Yes!  When you click on the mode of travel and verify the details of your commute, you can change the “to” and the “from” for your trip.  If you need to add a destination such as a Park & Ride or a different worksite, simply select “Add Address” from the drop-down menu when you confirm your trip.  Once you add the first leg of your trip, click on the second mode that you used, confirm the trip details and click on the same day.

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General Prize Drawing Questions

Q. How do I claim my prize if I am a winner?
Your jurisdiction representative will contact your employee transportation coordinator to arrange for the delivery of your prize. If you do not have an employee transportation coordinator, then your jurisdiction representative will contact you directly.?

Q. Are there any tax consequences for being a prize winner?
WSRO will comply with the IRS reporting requirements for prize winners. According to IRS instructions, a Form 1099-MISC is required for any person receiving $600 and over in prizes and awards. For those prizes where there is an issue of what the actual worth of the prize is, the IRS regulations defining the fair market value of a prize will determine whether or not a 1099-MISC is filed. Recipients of prizes qualifying for a 1099-MISC must agree to provide the information necessary for the 1099-MISC in order to receive their prize; they should expect to receive their forms in time to file their appropriate tax returns. For prizes worth less than $600, it is the recipient’s responsibility to comply with all relevant IRS income reporting guidelines.

Q. If I’ve previously won a prize, am I eligible for this drawing as well?
Yes. There are no restrictions on winners from previous campaigns registering and winning prizes in this campaign, provided they meet the eligibility requirements listed above.

Q. Do any of the sponsors receive my contact information? Will WSRO use my information for any other purpose?
Absolutely not. WSRO will not sell, distribute, or otherwise disseminate your information to any third party. Information given by participants, both contact information and commuting information, will be kept confidential.

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