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When may I start choosing my commute and tracking trips to qualify for prizes?

It’s October!  Log your saved or shared commute days  to increase your chances on winning the adventure of a lifetime! Log at least six qualified commuter days to be entered into drawings.  The more often you log your trips, the more chances you will have to win weekly prizes!

New to Wheel Options? Create your free profile today! and start logging your trips in October.

What are these qualified trips, you ask?

Wheel Options modes include carpool, vanpool, bus, train, light rail, streetcar, bicycle, walk, working from home or a compressed work schedule (for example, four, 10-hour shifts in a week).

Is it really that simple?

Yes. It’s that simple. Save money, cut emissions, reduce congestion, and you could find yourself on the adventure of a lifetime or winning one of many other great prizes! You must first sign up for a free account to be able to log your trips.

Did you say something about prizes?

While Wheel Options is also about sharing and saving commutes while reducing emissions, it is also about rewarding commuters who choose to use other commute modes than just driving alone. We  have to say this year’s grand prize is truly grand this year, because one eligible participant from the Wheel Options campaign will win a $2000 travel credit and a $500 prepaid MasterCard to customize their adventure! That’s a $2,500 prize value!

What else may I qualify for?

You can also “Like” Wheel Options on Facebook for a chance to win an additional prize. Also, brand new this year, for those extra-adventurous commuters, track 12 or more saved or shared commute days and be entered into an additional drawing for a $500 prize that includes a $400 travel credit and a $100 prepaid MasterCard Rewards card. Weekly gift card prizes will also be given away to qualified entrants.

For more information, contact your employee transportation coordinator or visit the other pages on this site.

Wheel Options—your trip, your way!